About the Singing for Health Network

‘Bridging research & practice and supporting a Singing for Health Movement’

The primary aim of the Singing for Health Network is to bridge research and practice and provide a platform for sharing between practitioners and researchers. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the latest research, resources and events to support your work in singing for health, whether you’re a specialist practitioner in a health setting or the leader of a community choir.

This is a membership network for anyone interested or involved in Singing for Health.

Membership gives access to our growing library of online resources and community, plus signposting to events, meetings, training, conferences and collaborative funding applications. For more information, and to join, visit our membership page.

How do different types of singing group fit into the world of Singing for Health? Check out our Singing for Health Model.


Bridging research and practice
  • Research updates on website and via a newsletter, including research summaries drawing out key themes and findings
  • Links to key research resources and organisations
  • Talking head videos, interviews and written articles from practitioner/researchers – giving a voice to emerging and established researchers
Producing advocacy resources to ‘make the case’ for Singing for Health (eg Social Prescribing/Healthcare professionals)
  • Resources available to download for members on the website
  • Resources created in partnership with other organisations, agencies, researchers and practitioners
  • Signpost to existing resources
  • Case studies (to shine a light on existing practice and successes)
Providing Networking and Sharing opportunities
  • Network meetings (face to face and/or zoom) – Cornwall and then more broadly? Or regionally? Theme based? Invited guests? Reps in different areas?
  • Sharing events with participants of groups(eg World Peace Day event/conferences/celebration events including during Creativity and Well-being Week, Social Prescribing Day, World COPD day etc)
  • Online networking platform/community via the website – allowing for theme based discussions or area based
  • Potential to develop a mentoring/buddying scheme
Promoting and sharing the work externally
  • Blogs/Case Studies shared via main website and through social media (and via partners)
  • Participant voice
  • Webinars
  • Video resources
  • Evaluations/research outcomes written up and shared
  • Conference – in Cornwall/South West (Spring 2022)
Professionalising the work and raising standards
  • Supporting and highlighting innovation in research/practice
  • Piloting a Mentoring scheme
  • Training and CPD opportunities (led by need and interest and delivered by specialists/experts)
  • Quality assurance framework tested and developed
  • Building partnerships with healthcare professionals
  • Collecting the most useful data
Ensuring sustainability and consistency
  • Collaborative funding applications
  • Finding common language and core values of Singing for Health provision (linked to Quality Assurance Framework)
  • Making the most of partnerships on a local, regional, national and international level – all working towards common goals
Roll out the Network more widely
  • Consult on the aims and aspirations of the Network within and outside of Cornwall
  • Share progress and impacts through webinars, articles and ongoing partnerships with other organisations, agencies, researchers and practitioners