Aims for the Singing for Health Network

Aims for the National Singing for Health Network (DRAFT)


‘Bridging research & practice and supporting a Singing for Health Movement’

Bridging research and practice
  • Research updates on website and via a newsletter, including research summaries drawing out key themes and findings
  • Links to key research resources and organisations
  • Talking head videos, interviews and written articles from practitioner/researchers – giving a voice to emerging and established researchers
Producing advocacy resources to ‘make the case’ for Singing for Health (eg Social Prescribing/Healthcare professionals)
  • Resources available to download for members on the website
  • Resources created in partnership with other organisations, agencies, researchers and practitioners
  • Signpost to existing resources
  • Case studies (to shine a light on existing practice and successes)
Providing Networking and Sharing opportunities
  • Network meetings (face to face and/or zoom) – Cornwall and then more broadly? Or regionally? Theme based? Invited guests? Reps in different areas?
  • Sharing events with participants of groups(eg World Peace Day event/conferences/celebration events including during Creativity and Well-being Week, Social Prescribing Day, World COPD day etc)
  • Online networking platform/community via the website – allowing for theme based discussions or area based
  • Potential to develop a mentoring/buddying scheme
Promoting and sharing the work externally
  • Blogs/Case Studies shared via main website and through social media (and via partners)
  • Participant voice
  • Webinars
  • Video resources
  • Evaluations/research outcomes written up and shared
  • Conference – in Cornwall/South West (Spring 2022)
Professionalising the work and raising standards
  • Supporting and highlighting innovation in research/practice
  • Piloting a Mentoring scheme
  • Training and CPD opportunities (led by need and interest and delivered by specialists/experts)
  • Quality assurance framework tested and developed
  • Building partnerships with healthcare professionals
  • Collecting the most useful data
Ensuring sustainability and consistency
  • Collaborative funding applications
  • Finding common language and core values of Singing for Health provision (linked to Quality Assurance Framework)
  • Making the most of partnerships on a local, regional, national and international level – all working towards common goals
Roll out the Network more widely
  • Consult on the aims and aspirations of the Network within and outside of Cornwall
  • Share progress and impacts through webinars, articles and ongoing partnerships with other organisations, agencies, researchers and practitioners

A membership will give access to online resources, community and involvement in events, meetings, training, conferences and collaborative funding applications.